Uppspace is the leading provider of Anti-Crash solutions specifically designed for the new challenges of the Big Data generation
SaaS / Cloud Monitoring
Big Data Crash Prevention
Application Performance Monitoring
Uppspace saves online businesses from painful data crashes and ensures business continuation and customer satisfaction.
Our solutions provide the world's first End-to-End coverage of the production environment - including Real-Time analysis of Big Data technologies.
We are able to help many types of customers in many difficult scenarios.

B2C providers

SERVICING MILLIONS of people can be a real hassle. Uppspace helps B2C providers to avoid bad code and IT-related system outages

Key Benefits

  • Real-Time analysis of hundreds of thousands concurrent connections
  • Non-invasive monitoring of the entire Production Environment
  • Dedicated crash prediction capabilities
  • Specific targeted solutions for key business segments:
    • Social Media
    • e-Commerce
    • Online finance and trading
    • Gaming

B2B providers

24/7 availability is the key to success in the online commercial world. Uppspace ensures that your business application will be always up and running

Key benefits

  • Analysis of all standard technologies
  • Non-invasive monitoring of the entire Production Environment
  • Custom-tailored solutions for specific needs

    Cloud solution providers

    Our focus on crash-prevention makes us a must-have addition to any Cloud infrastructure
    • Support for all standard Cloud technologies
    • Easy integration
    • Low maintenance and remarkable ease-of-use
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